Take a screenshot on a Windows 8 slate


I was working on a post the other day and needed a screenshot. I didn't have a keyboard with me and that makes a screenshot very hard to take... I remembered the Windows Phone shortcut key (Win+Pwr), but that didn't work at all on the slate, either bringing up the start screen or turning off the slate...

Some experimentation later, I've found that Win+VolDown does the trick. It will save a screenshot directly to your profiles Pictures library under a Screenshot folder.

Replace the default user logon screen in Windows 8


Windows 8 comes with that nice Seattle abstract image on the background, but you might want to put your own there. That turns out to be hard. There's this nice blog post that breaks down all the steps into one nice script :).

Install Word4TFS on a machine with Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 (UNSUPPORTED)


The Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Rangers have released a new version of the Word4TFS add-in for Word. But if you're like me, and you've already upgraded to Visual Studio 2012 and Office 2013, then your out of luck. Both are not yet supported.

But, they probably work just fine. We haven't tested the combination. There is no support for it. But if your brave enough to try, this is how to get it to work...


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