Connecting Visual Studio 2005 to TFS 2012 and the Team Foundation Service on XP


In a previous post I explained how to connect Visual Studio 2005 to Team Foundation Server 2012 and the Team Foundation Services. This solution works for Windows 7 and 8, but not on Windows XP, since Team Explorer 2012 cannot be installed on Windows XP. There is a workaround for this now through the updated version of the MSSCCI provider for 2010, which now works with Visual Studio 2005 :

The Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider enables integrated use of Team Foundation Version Control with products that do not support Team Explorer integration.
This version includes:

  • Updated provider to link against VS 2010 RTM TFS assemblies
  • Improved functionality and performance when used inside PowerBuilder
  • Improved handling of branched solutions in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Decreased number of server prompts
  • Improved error reporting
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2005 to enable VS2005 clients intalled on Windows XP to connect to TFS2012

To connect Visual Studio 2005 to Team Foundation Server 2012 you need to install the following items in order:

  1. Visual Studio 2005
  2. Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 / BIDS 2005
  3. Team Explorer 2010
  4. Visual Studio 2010 SP1
  5. Visual Studio 2010 Forward Compatibility Patch
  6. MSSCCI provider for Team Foundation Server 2010
This allows you to use Team Explorer 2010 for Work Item tracking while you can use Visual Studio 2005 (through the MSSCCI provider) to access source control.

I find it easiest to configure the Team Foundation Servers and Source control mappings from Team Explorer 2010, these setting should carry over into 2005.

After the installation you need to go into the Visual Studio settings of Visual Studio 2005 and under Source Control you need to select the MSSCCI provider to access Team Foundation Server:

Then open your solution from source control by using the File -> Source Control -> Open From Source Control window.

When connecting to Team Foundation Server from Visual Studio 2005, you might need to use the full Project Collection Uri as your Team Foundation Server location, so instead of http://yourtfsserver/tfs, use http://yourtfsserver/tfs/DefaultCollection.

When connecting to the Team Foundation Services, use https://[youraccount]

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