Changes to the Scrum 2013.4 process template


In 2013.3 Microsoft did a number of massive changes to support Test Suites and Test Plans as work items. In 2013.4 only a few changes were made. There currently is no "upgrade my template" wizard, but you can always apply these changes manually.

A quick compare between the two template yields the following results:

C:\users\Jesse.Houwing\Desktop\Process Templates> tf folderdiff "Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2013.3" "Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 2013.4 - RC" /recursive

Quickly comparing these different files shows the following changes:

ProcessTemplate.xml & Classification.xml & ProcessGuidance.html
Version and name changes only.

Backlog Overview.rdl & Velocity.rdl
There have been quite a few changes to the queries of these report. These make it quite a bit faster. You can use the TFS power tools to push it to your existing Team projects or you can manually overwrite the report in every place it has been deployed.

The introduction of the Bug Work Items and Microsoft.BugsCategory to support switching bugs from showing up on the product backlog. Add the following category:

<BugWorkItems category="Microsoft.BugCategory" pluralName="Bugs" singularName="Bug">
      <State value="New" type="Proposed" />
      <State value="Approved" type="Proposed" />
      <State value="Committed" type="InProgress" />
      <State value="Done" type="Complete" />

Bug.xml & ProductBacklogItem.xml
The removal of the BacklogPriority control from the work item form. With the Agile Tools now being part of the Standard features of TFS, it's no longer required for non-MSDN-subscribers to manually edit the BacklogPriority field. Plus, with the automatic regeneration of the field data, it was confusing to many users anyway. Remove the following line from both work item type definitions.

<Control FieldName="Microsoft.VSTS.Common.BacklogPriority" Type="FieldControl" Label="Backlog Priority" LabelPosition="Left" />

Removing Device Encryption from an LG G2 (International) running CM11

I decided to turn on Device Encryption on my LG G2 International yesterday. Boy was that a mistake! My phone hasn't been as unstable in years. And, as it turns out, once device encryption is enabled, it's quite a mess to turn it off.

Before I enabled I was running TWRP, but that turns out the be incompatible with the type of encryption Cyanogenmod uses (at least for the G2), and because it's incompatible it's quite a hassle to get anything flashed to the device.

I between force reboots I managed to copy TWRP to the /system partition of my phone, allowing me to flash it over the older version. This version *will* let you unlock your /data partition, but still was unable to format the data drive.

I ended up going to the adb shell and issuing make_ext4fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p35 (this block number is specific to the LG G2, if you have a different phone, make sure you locate the correct path to the userdata partition) directly to clear the encrypted partition, finally allowing me to boot back into my phone without a password. And finally returning to a stable experience.

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