Configure Git for Visual Studio to use a proxy server


Unlike most features of Visual Studio, the Git tools do not (always) automatically pick up the Widows proxy settings, being dependent on a number of open source libraries which don't seem to be benefiting from the same Windows Proxy Auto-Detection.

This is a shame, really, but it doesn't make it impossible to have Git for Visual Studio to pick up a proxy server.

To configure your proxy server, you must  set an Environment Variable called "HTTP_PROXY". It follows the same configuration scheme as Team Explorer Everywhere. After setting the variable, restart Visual Studio if you had it open when changing the environment.

Most cross-platform applications will try to use this variable, if applications suddenly start to behave strangely, they might be under the influence of this variable. In my case I picked up such behavior in Calibre Ebook Management.

Enabling Requirement based suites for other work item types (without putting them on your backlog pages)


A few weeks ago a client asked me whether they could link test cases to the Feature and Epic work items and whether they could create a Requirements Based Suite for these work items in Test manager. And while investigating the new "Bug on the Backlog" feature of TFS 2013 update 4 I found that there is a bug preventing MTM from showing bugs for requirements based suites. This little trick works for both problems.

Initially I thought it would not be possible, The work items that would show up in MTM needed to be in the Requirements Category and that is also the category that governs which work item types show up on the Backlog. Since Features can't be both in the Requirements Backlog and the Feature Backlog, I initially gave up.

Then I got an email from Martin Hinshelwood with hint of where to look. The ProcessConfiguration.xml allows you to decouple the Requirements Backlog from the Requirements Category. With these items decoupled, it would be possible to stick any work item in the "Requirements Category" without them showing up on the Product backlog.

Enabling "Bug on the Backlog" feature for the Scrum template

See also: StackOverflow

TFS 2013 update 4 has been out for a few weeks now and one of it's features allows you to easily put Bug work items on the backlog. This feature is very useful for users of the MSF Agile and MSF CMMI process templates, but is not enabled for users of the Scrum template. Teams using the scrum template will see teh "TF400917" error message and the checkbox will be disabled:

This makes sense, since Bugs have always been on the backlog for Scrum teams. I did look into what's needed to enable this feature and if you have custom templates the following tutorial may be useful to you as well.

To make this work you have two options, one is to take an existing process template and edit it, the other is to edit your process template in a lice project. I tend to prefer the first, but the latter will work as well.


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