TFS 2018 update 1 is available. So is the TFS Aggregator


Biran Harry just announced the Release to Web of Team Foundation Server 2018 update 1. With mostly bug fixes and a few very small functional features. Luckily it shipped with no breaking changes in the server object model, so we were able to quickly ship a compatible version of the TFS Aggregator.

We had updated our solution structure and build process to make it easier to support multiple TFS versions. The TFS Aggregator solution now supports the following TFS versions:

  • Team Foundation Server 2013 update 5
  • Team Foundation Server 2015 
  • Team Foundation Server 2015 update 1
  • Team Foundation Server 2015 update 2
  • Team Foundation Server 2015 update 3
  • Team Foundation Server 2017 and update 1
  • Team Foundation Server 2017 update 2 and update 3
  • Team Foundation Server 2018 and update 1

All from a single solution. To support this we've upgraded to Visual Studio 2017 15.5. Its support for packageReferences in the project files allows us to dynamically switch between Nuget packages and to switch between different versions of the same NuGet packages. This greatly simplifies building a single codebase against a large number of dependent package versions.

You can find Beta 4 of the TFS Aggregator on the GitHub releases page.

Make a Group Team Administrator in VSTS/TFS


In case your organisation is depending on an Identity and Access Management tool to assign rights to the tools in the toolchain, then it's likely that all of your permissions are handled through Group assignments and not to individuals.

Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server allow rights assignments to groups in almost every possible location and assigning those rights is doable through the TFSSecurity utility. Almost every location... It turns out that assigning a group to be a Team Administrator was not (is not in TFS) possible through the UI.

In the past, I've contributed to the TFS Team Tools from the ALM Rangers. That project had since been deprecated, though it still has a few unique features. I've decided to resurrect it and you can now find it on my GitHub account. While I was at it, I incorporated the functionality to list, add and remove Team Administrators. It supports adding individuals as well as groups.

You can now download a version of the TFS Team Tools from the GitHub.

C:\Tools\TfsTeamTools>tfsteams addteamadministrator /team:"Demo Team" 
    /collection: /teamproject:demo /user:"[Demo]\Portfolio Team"

C:\Tools\TfsTeamTools>tfsteams listteamadministrators /team:"Demo Team" 
    /collection: /teamproject:demo
[demo]\Portfolio team
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