New versions of TFS/VSTS build tasks


I just pushed out new versions of the following tasks:

  • MsBuild Helper Task
    • Fixed a number of bugs when the Agent's work folder has a space in it somewhere.
  • Snyk
    • Fixed auto-update of built-in Snyk version
    • Added support for Path parameter to scan NuGet packages among other package types.
    • Added support for Severity Threshold parameter.
    • Updated built-in Snyk version to 1.70.2
  • Variable toolbox
    • Fixed PadLeft and PadRight
    • Fixed Regex search & replace
    • Upgraded to PowerShell3 handler to improve task performance
In the meantime I've been working on a number of other build-task related things, more to come soon:
  • TFVC Tasks
    • Upgrading to PowerShell3 hander
    • Using tf.exe instead of custom Client Object Model code
    • Consolidate separate tasks into a single task (like nuget task)
  • CI/CD tasks for Extensions
    • ServerGate support continue after validation has succeeded
    • Automatic versioning of extensions containing multiple build tasks
    • Moving tfx installation to a separate Tool Installer task
If you like my extensions, please leave a review or a donation. If you'd like to see a feature I haven't built, file an issue or, better yet, send me a pull request.

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